EVRAZ is one of the largest and most advanced manufacturers of railway products in the world, specializing in high quality rails, wheels and tyres, as well as steel components for the assembly of railcars.

EVRAZ brings its valued customers a wealth of experience and knowledge to support freight, transport and high-speed rail. Dedicated to growing commerce and communities, EVRAZ has heavily invested in technology and facilities that allow us to serve customers throughout the world.


We provide our clients with over 130 years of industry experience, connecting you to a deeper level of knowledge and a higher level of performance with our rich heritage.

We've been doing business since 1881. Our US mill made the rail for America's western railway system and our Russian mill has been rolling out products since 1935. In total, 1.5 million km of EVRAZ rail has been put in track around the world

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EVRAZ invites you to bring any challenge, requirement or idea to the table. Our company has been able to grow globally because we listen and collaborate with local railway teams. One visit to our Technology Center and you'll see the difference. Equipped with the most advanced research lab in North America, our Pueblo, Colorado facility offers a full spectrum of technical services. And our Russian rail and wheel mills have been upgraded and renovated to solve any challenge.

Our collaborative approach starts from within. We're able to share new solutions with customers because we collaborate internally every day, within our mills and across continents. With EVRAZ, you truly get a world of relationships and resources.

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Nothing is more important than the safety of our team members. We've lowered our incident rates significantly in the last few years, but we continue to focus on reaching our goal of ZERO injuries. Second only to safety is our commitment to quality. Utilizing our extensive steelmaking expertise, we are focused on developing and manufacturing the highest quality products that provide our customers with a competitive advantage.


Rail Standards
EVRAZ meets all global rail standards including:
  • EN 13674-1:2011
    60E1, 60E2, 54E1, 54E2, 54E4, 49E1
    all profiles available in grade R260 and R350HT
    TR57/115RE, TR68/136RE, 132RE, 133RE, 141RE
Wheel Standards
EVRAZ meets all global wheel standards including:
  • M107/M208
  • EN 13262:2004+A2:2011
    BA 318, BA 319, BA 004
  • BN 918277
    BA 318, BA 319